Milestone: I/O Silent Linking

8 years late (07/31/09 21:00:00)

Get silent linking over I/O working, enough to receive variables, Flash applications, and (yes) operating systems to memory.

For receiving an OS, we can just jump into the boot code and let it take over, but I want all the functionality to be there for when we receive a copy of the TI-OS for dual booting purposes.

Milestone: Direct USB Linking

8 years late (08/31/09 21:00:00)

This is kind of a biggie. Direct USB support is going to be rough, but I don't think it'll be too bad, since the entire protocol from low-level port access up to TI's link protocol was implemented in periph8x.

The stuff from the I/O linking milestone applies to this one as well.

This is the real kicker and the reason why people would make the switch.

This really won't be so bad once the linking infrastructure is in place. I'll have to put some sort of key combination in there to kick this off, since we have no system context or OS menus yet.

Milestone: System Monitor

8 years late (10/31/09 21:00:00)

Once we get GetKey? and the basis for a system monitor in there, we'll have the ability to load menus and extremely simple homescreen input.

The addition of menus means that program and Flash application execution aren't far behind.

Milestone: BASIC Parser

8 years late (11/30/09 20:00:00)

Re-implementing the BASIC parser is going to be extremely complicated, but hopefully we can get to a point where basic math and execution of the more common tokens, as well as variable storage and recall, are stable.

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