Power adapter circuit
Posted at Sunday, January 4th, 2009 4:55PM by Cricket_Boy

Well, I found this small adapter to adapt the calc's USB port to a standard USB port, and it works with my mouse, and I'm splicing a short (1ft) USB extension cord to put the power adapter circuit into. More specifically, this cord is the one which comes with the Nintendo WiFi adapter. What wire colors are the ground, D+, D-, and voltage bus? i suspect the black is ground, the red is V+, and the white and green are the D+ and D-, but a neighbor claims the D+ is red and D- is black. Can you get this straight?

I also manually tested it with a multimeter ohmmeter, and my suspecions are correct. And the calculator supplies 5V over the red and black. What experience do you have with that specific cord, if any, and are the USB cord wire colors universal?


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