Installing Fake Memory Erase
Posted at Tuesday, March 30th, 2010 1:04PM by JaJunkSouP

I just got a graphlink connector for my TI-83 Plus and was wondering how to install the fake.8xk application as well as the .inc .asm and.zws files. Thanks alot

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Posted at Thursday, April 1st, 2010 11:59AM by bxsciencer

you dont need those files except the .8kx. they are simply the files that brandon or any other asm programmer uses to compile the .8xk app with. people include them to help other programmers out.

download TIConnect from

and install it. then connect your calc to your computer and get them to connect with TI Device Explorer (one of the programs installed with TIConnect). after you get them to connect, drag and drop Fake.8xk into the window and a copy of it will be written onto the calc

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Posted at Wednesday, February 8th, 2012 11:20PM by StarcraftAlphaBeta


This procedure explains:
1- How to type notes on your computer and send it directly to the calculator!
2- How to prevent the teacher from resetting the calculator with a fake reset screen (he/she will require your secret 4 letter password to make program reappear!)


You will need to buy: "TI Connectivity Kit USB". You'll need to download or buy "TI Ressource CD v. 2.8 (03/2003) Windows/Macintosh". They come together in a yellow box as you saw in the video at 0:04.

(The CD is now nearly impossible to buy, and sells for hundreds of dollars between students, just download the files.)

Don't have the CD? Download these 2 files here:

Download "TI NoteFolio Creator" here:

Download "TI Connect" here:

(If these links are broken, Google them. I tested them in February 2012.)

You will need to put: "TI Connect" and "TI NoteFolio Creator" applications on your computer's desktop. You will find these two files inside the CD of "TI Ressource CD v. 2.8 (03/2003) Windows/Macintosh".

You will need to download "Fake" from the internet. If you do not do this step, when the teacher resets your calculator, all your notes will be lost. Download it here: (Click on: "Download v0.2 here", click on the word "here")

Connect your "Texas Instruments TI-83 Plus" to your computer with the "TI Connectivity Kit USB". Turn ON calculator.

Click and drag the icon of "Fake" and drop it on "TI Connect" icon on your desktop's computer. This will automatically send it to the calculator. Make sure the calculator is plugged in and turned ON.

Activate "Fake" by pressing "APPS", "Fake", now choose a password "****" (I always choose "1234"). If you mess it up and make the wrong password, start this step again. When the teacher resets your calculator, all applications will disappear and a fake reset screen will fool your teacher. To make your applications reappear press "****" and "ENTER". All applications will reappear.

On your desktop, open "TI NoteFolio Creator" and choose "New Note". Type in all your notes with basic letters: A to Z and numbers. Save the file and "Send To Device". Make sure calculator is plugged in and turned ON.

In your calculator press: "APPS", "NoteFlio", Menu", "Open", "FILE'S NAME", "MENU", "Review".


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Posted at Thursday, June 9th, 2016 6:33AM by asas

hi tank you for all the details but this program doesnt work can you or anyone help me with this???? all reset erases everithing and the fake app is gone and the code doesnt work???

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Posted at Monday, February 27th, 2017 11:04AM by mikeyfnbrennan

I actually have the file never mind,not sure why he had taken it down.


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