XBOX360 Wireles Receiver Custom Driver
Posted at Sunday, January 20th, 2013 2:34PM by 1337voltronBOT

I cant Seem to get the driver for the wireless receiver working at all. I use LibUSB per instructions to make a driver and it seems to install without problem but once its installed i never see the Xbox 360 Wireless gaming receiver light up green in your app. The light turns on and when you press the button it scans. But The Udraw and receiver will never connect. ive tried completely uninstalling all drivers for the receiver and creating the driver again but no luck. i also tried creating the driver while the microsoft drivers were installed because this was not specified though i assume its ment to work without any drivers installed. I dont understand what ive done wrong. Im Currently using Windows 7 64bit. Anything you would reccomend trying? Btw im really excited about your new drivers i cant wait to see this thing working. Its such a brick the way it is now....


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