This is the home of print8x, the future TI-84 Plus/Silver Edition USB printer driver.

HP Deskjet 3940HP Deskjet 656C

Progress updates, beta downloads, etc. will go here. Try it out if there's something to try, and let me know what happens!


Here is the current build of print8x. It supports getting the printer status and model information from most printers. It also contains some preliminary PCL and LIDIL printing code.

Future updates (and the final version) will include the following:

To try printing a single pixel to the printer using PCL, press ENTER on the main print8x screen. If it works, let me know, because I'd like to hear about it!

PCL and LDL support are in the near future, and other PDLs (page description languages) if they are well-understood and/or documented.