what is the iris?

It's the Earth stargate iris from Stargate SG-1! Find out more information here or view photos of it here.

This is the actual prop from filming episodes of the show, sold at auction:

The iris!

remote control the iris

You too can heat up the iris! Just click the buttons below to turn on the red LEDs behind it, or turn them off. It's no trick -- it really does physically turn them on (or off), so you can act like Sokar and freak me out at all hours of the night.



Unfortunately there's about a 5-second delay with Ustream's stream, plus I currently have a ten-second timeout on change requests (so as not to overload it...you never know...).

I will probably be tweaking this as time goes on, increasing or decreasing the delay or making the whole thing smarter, depending on how it's used/misused/ignored/abused.